The Gender Gap

Women's Unique Psychology Demands a Different Approach when it comes to Mindset

Science used to believe that a brain is a brain is a brain ...

but fortunately through research and progression, they now have a greater understanding of the brain, specifically to how it develops and functions differently depending on your sex. 

(Please note, that when I refer to males and females I am referring to your biological sex in that you were either born with XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes, which is different to the gender that you identify with)

Why does that even matter??

Well... if you’re in the business of helping women feel good about themselves, whether it’s their self image, love life, relationships, money, work, health or parenting, then wouldn’t it make sense to have a deeper understanding of why they do (or don’t do) the things that cause their lives to be harder than they need to be?

If you were going to fix a car engine, you’d want to know how that particular engine worked, wouldn’t you?

Now, I’m not going to get all sciencey on you, that’s not my area of expertise, but I am going to talk about some really important differences that do matter, especially if you want your female clients to truly live to their potential.

This information will not only help you to help your clients more, this understanding will help all the women in your life.

Have you ever noticed how some women can just get stuck in the details?

Whether it’s planning to do something and going through every conceivable “what if” scenario, or going over a past event and all the, “I should’ve done this … I should’ve said that” conversations. So much time can be spent ruminating, worrying, trying to process and make sense of what happened.

It’s because we have a larger prefrontal cortex, a larger anterior cortex, a larger limbic system, a larger hippocampus and more connectivity between the left and right hemispheres of our brains. We are predisposed to all of these things because of how OUR brain functions. Telling a woman to “just do it”, “forget about it”, “let it go, it doesn’t matter”, and even giving her all the steps, doesn’t work for the majority of women. We need a different approach.

On top of that are our beliefs which can compound a situation and the reason why, no matter what you do, some women will remain stuck in their sabotaging patterns whereas others will push through and find a way, despite the struggle.

Mark Gungor, a well known author, speaker and relationship specialist explains it beautifully in this short excerpt from one of his marriage seminars ....

We can’t ignore the makeup of our brain and how it operates; we can, however, understand and accept it, and most importantly, work with it.

So the next time you find yourself having to turn the map around so it’s facing the same direction as you (and the man standing next to you rolls his eyes), just know that it’s because your brain just doesn’t operate the same way his does… and that’s ok.

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