The Epigenetical Roadblock

Traditional Mindset Strategies Fall Short for Women's DNA Blueprint

Have you ever noticed patterns in your family or in other people’s families? 

Certain pattern that each generation seems to play out … They have a “history” of “ABC” in their family.

It seems like it’s so ingrained that it takes either moving away or some drastic change to break the cycle and not fall prey to their “destiny”.

These patterns or cycles are because of "Epigenetics"

Science is now proving that we inherit more than just nanna’s curly hair and granddad’s crooked nose. Epigenetics proves that we're also inheriting past stresses and traumas from previous generations.

Why is this important when it comes to helping women get out of their sabotaging patterns?

Because unless you address the deeper, ingrained patterns and beliefs, the cycle, although it may be temporarily paused, will start again.

When it comes to personal development, we’re used to working at either:

But there’s a deeper level where Ancestral Traumas live, that these processes are not taking into account and are not reaching.

Most men get fantastic results from the personal development tools they use 

Some women get good results

However, the majority of women only get temporary results or no results at all

(because the tools aren't designed for us)

We’ve been led to believe that simply changing a belief that’s not working for us today, is enough. And while this may be effective for some, it’s not for the majority and especially not for women.

If you’ve been into personal development for a while, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Even the modalities that do work at that “second” level of the iceberg are still missing the mark 

and the evidence that this is true is the simple fact that the results are only temporary and the belief and sabotaging behaviours come back, for the majority of women. 

Now, because most women are polite, they’re not going to just come out and say it didn’t work …. to our face (what they tell their friends is another story)

And unless you’re following up with them 3 months (or longer) later, you could rightly believe that she’s still feeling good and the belief hasn’t come back. But her actions (or lack thereof) will tell you otherwise.

Both the conscious and unconscious minds need to be engaged at the same time

to the point they are in alignment and not “facing different directions in the row boat”

To simply change a belief without addressing it at the deeper core level, is like cutting off a few branches and expecting them to not grow back. Real, lasting change and breaking of intergenerational patterns requires more.

The belief needs to:

You can’t “convince” yourself to simply change these deep seeded beliefs based on what someone else “thinks” is best for you or even what you “think” is best for you, based on what you’ve read, seen or want.

If you’ve ever tried doing affirmations or positive self-talk techniques, you would have noticed that there were some days you could look yourself in the mirror and say them with confidence -


and that little voice in your head shouted, “YES YOU ARE!” and everything was right in the world

Then a few days later, you did it again - because they tell you that you have to do it every day if you want to change - so you look in the mirror and say -


but this time that little voice isn’t as agreeable … “no you’re not.... you’re kidding yourself”

If you’re really resolved, you’ll ignore it and try again tomorrow but when you do, it’s like it’s grown in its intensity and the viciousness of the rebukes (because that’s actually part of your cycle as well) … and so you give up because the thing that was supposed to make you feel better about yourself has actually made you feel worse … much worse.

This is what happens to your clients when they stop taking the actions that they agreed to take.

They may not have been doing any affirmation type work but that little negative voice showed up all the same.

For lasting change in women, the modality needs to be designed according to the science of Epigenetics and the evidence that it is, will be in the long-term case studies and testimonials they can provide.

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