Female-Mindset Specialist

Better, Faster, Lasting Results for your Female Clients

You've gotten your own success and now you want other women to have that too

Some of your clients get amazing results following your plan but then there are others that don’t ... and you’re not ok with that

EVERY woman deserves happiness and you know that you can help her with your area of expertise ... if she would just get out of her own way

The problem is not with your "how to" formula - you’ve cracked the code on that … the problem is with the BS that’s playing between her ears

Have you ever wondered "WHY" the results can be so hit-and-miss with your female clients?

Why is it that some women can push through the negative head chatter whereas ... others can't shake it no matter what you do and no matter how much she wants to

It's NOT you!

It's the MINDSET TOOL you're using to help her regain her self-confidence and self-belief (and therefore be coachable to take the actions she needs to take), isn't DESIGNED for Women and that's why the results can be so hit-and-miss.

It's like trying to put an iPhone app onto an Android phone ... it's never going to work BECAUSE the "software" isn't COMPATIBLE with the "hardware".

Breaking patterns and restoring self-belief in females demands a mindset process designed specifically for women

... the "software" MUST BE COMPATIBLE with the "hardware"

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Hormonal Fluctuations

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How Does That Play Out In The Results Your Clients Get?

They Become Uncoachable

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They Stop Taking Actions

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They Can End Up Feeling WORSE Than Before

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It's Time for a Mindset Revolution!

Because YOU CARE DEEPLY about your clients and the results they get

The Key to Unleashing Your Female Client's True Potential...

Is to stop trying to make women “fit” into antiquated processes and methods that are not designed for them

99% of the current mindset modalities stem from the perspective of men

It's not good, it's not bad, it just is ... because way back when the idea first came about, only men were allowed to practice science and medicine.

The FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES for the majority of current modalities still stem from the PERSPECTIVE of the male brain.

Which is why, on average, men have better, longer-lasting results than women. The processes we're using are DESIGNED for the way THEIR brains work. 

Everything works to a degree

And "in-the-moment" relief is fantastic...

But if you're looking for something that goes DEEPER, to unlock the deep-seeded sabotaging patterns that stop your female clients from taking the steps that you know will change their life, the "thing" that you've been searching for is Creatrix®

What is Creatrix®?

How Did It Come About?

"You don't have to be 'messed' up"

Want to learn more about Creatrix® and the Accreditation Program that will make you the "go-to-expert" in your field?

Click HERE to book in a time to chat with me and find out how becoming accredited in this uniquely female-formulated process will allow you to provide the long-lasting results that women will seek you out to have.

Who Is Helen Prince?

I help coaches get out of their own way so they can spend more time focusing on the people they’re here to help because that purpose and passion and feeling of fulfilment is what makes them jump out of bed in the morning.

When I first started out as a coach, I really struggled with a pretty big secret … I was a fraud 

Despite all the work I’d done on myself, I was still stuck in my own doubts, fears and insecurities. How on earth was I meant to then take money off a woman with the claim that I could help her to be free of HER fears, when I couldn’t even do that for myself??? It pretty much put the brakes on my business before it even got started, and that felt like sh*t…

My success came after begging the universe for a way to be free of my sabotaging patterns once and for all. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and I didn’t have the time or energy to keep working on the same things over and over and over … and over… again. I’d get the temporary “high” only to fall back into self doubt but this time with the added “benefit” of feeling like I was more of a failure than before. It was pretty soul destroying… UNTIL my prayers were answered and I found the “thing” that I had intuitively known was out there, I just didn’t know what it was. 

In September 2016 I became a Creatrix® Transformologist® to help “angry mums” be the calm and present mothers that they wanted to be and help their children to grow up strong and resilient, in a way that’s fast, profound and lasting. 

The results I’ve gotten for myself and for hundreds of other women are so life-changing, I can back them with a guarantee ... unheard of, I know, but 100% possible because of HOW this process is designed.

I wanted my impact to be even bigger, so in 2018 I became a trainer for the Un-Institute of Women (the organisation responsible for this incredible process) to certify coaches in Creatrix® Transformology® so they too could break the sabotaging cycles in themselves and in their female clients.

Women DO NOT have to “settle” for temporary / band-aid solutions. We want and deserve more.

My passion is in educating women on the things that matter to US, when it comes to personal development, and also having the solution for those who are ready to step up to their next level of awesomeness.

If you're passionate about helping women live to their potential; if what you're doing is good but you want more (for you and your clients); if you’re ready to step into the next evolution of yourself and your business, book a call with me and let's unleash your potential and equipped you with the skills and knowledge to make an even bigger impact than you're already making!

Women will change the world, and it starts with you, x